Wednesday, 8 August 2012

ABORTIONIST Ashutosh Ron Virmani thinks all blacks grow up to kill people, and stuff~

Oh, boy. LIFESITENEWS got a big scoop here! Well, at least the crazy man and Planned Parenthood haint tells us what the other side IS really thinking… all the time! 

Of course he's only following the well known sentiment of Margaret Sanger, that famous bigoted proponent of negative eugenics who created Planned Parenthood for those bigots among us who believe lighter skinned races are superior to darker skinned races.  
Know someone that supports Planned Parenthood?
Then you know someone who gives a quiet nod to eliminating the "unfit", ideally, first through contraception …but today mostly through abortion. 'Course forced sterilization ain't off the table either.
Who are the unfit?
Sanger (and her Planned Parenthood minions) have historically targeted Blacks, Hispanics, lower IQ types, the disabled, etc.
Know a Planned Parenthood supporter?
That's the bigot in your midst.

UPDATE!!!  THANKS TO Church that pointed out the murderous doctor throughout the interview referred to the unborn as babies!  Feminist and pro-choice groups everywhere are outraged as Dr. Virmani's admission reverses decades of anti-science social engineering that proclaimed the unborn weren't even human!!

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