Tuesday, 4 September 2012

CANADIANS …seeking to understand the 2012 American Election.

SEE VIDEO: CANADIANS …seeking to understand the American election.

CHILLING FACTS going into the 2012 ELECTION in America

  • AMERICA may get another credit downgrade… because things are REALLY that bad!
  • In just 4 years… Barack Obama has multiplied the American deficit 8X the amount GW Bush saddled Americans with
  • Barack Obama wants to radically cut defense spending… leaving America vulnerable to emerging superpowers (China, the Islamic block, etc)
  • The American Government SPENDS 50% more than it takes in…
  • 42% of Americans pay no income tax
  • America is now a welfare state thanks to a free-spending Democratic Congress that ALSO GAVE additional entitlements to those who help Obama get elected

Obama OR Romney in 2012?

If elected… Romney WILL DO FAR LESS DAMAGE to the ongoing American economy over the next four years.

Neither candidate will fix the underlying debt crisis facing America, but Romney certainly has a better understanding of the problem, and who knows?

If Mitt does make the hard choices (somebody will have to, at a point in the near future), he knows are necessary for the recovery of the country, …he just might turn everything around. Both polar opposite parties in Canada had to, and DID, after Liberal PM Trudeau (very much like radical, free-spending Obama) almost spent Canada into oblivion.

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