Saturday, 26 January 2013

FORMER ABORTIONIST tells the truth…

FORMER ABORTIONIST tells the truth about abortion!

…TRUTH and HUMANITY not biggies for the Pro-Choice crowd.

SCIENCE backs the Pro-Life cause even though the 'Choice' mob rejects life science conclusions.  No matter.  God is Life.  Those who kill humanity, created in his image, will pay the necessary price.  The price for the unrepentant is eternal damnation.

I once talked to a woman who had procured for herself two abortions.

In brief, and in approximation, here's how the narrative went.

"You know, I don't really feel guilty…at all."

I responded, "Well, God is NOT going to condemn you based on your feelings.  

You will be judged based on the your actions. You terminated two human lives.  You broke the commandment, "Thou shall not murder."  Who cares what you feel about it?  Objectively, you ended two viable pregnancies through a process you chose, and followed through with."

"Well, my Baptist friend told me my children are now in Heaven…."

"Actually, they are more likely in a place of natural happiness…an adjunct, so to speak, of the eternal kingdom.  They were not able to access the merits of the Cross,  the salvific work of Jesus Christ, so they cannot enjoy the Beatific Vision."

"So…how…then is the outcome so bad…if they continue on in the next life, at least, near to Heaven…?" 

"The aborted are not the ones in peril, you are!  You haven't renounced your sin,  or reconciled yourself to God.  Every sin you hold onto, every sin you do not give over to the grace and mercy of God won through Jesus Christ…you must personally pay the price for. And the price is eternal death with emotional and bodily suffering in a permanent capacity.  

God has given you a way out from all that; yes, but you must take it."  

I told her to think and pray about all we discussed. 

This is my rather truncated recollection of the event.
Conversion is a slow changeover usually…it rarely happens dramatically.  The ascent of the mind, to the call of God's eternal truth. Grace precedes, and grace completes the actions of the postulant—              

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