Saturday, 26 January 2013

Woman Ph.D …dares to use the forgotten science of Human Embryology to denounce Human Cloning and yes, people…subsequently abortion.

U.S. Supreme Court, Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood, all feminists everywhere are upset because science insists on being fact-based—so appeals to women's feeling states are no longer allowed… 

"The last question is, "when does a human person begin?" As with public policy, any philosophical analysis of personhood must begin with and be based on the correct scientific facts. This is required for philosophical realism. Further, a thing acts or functions according to the kind of nature it has - or what it is. If a "human being" is a "rational animal"; if the term "rational" must include virtually the vegetative and sensitive powers; if all of its powers must be present together simultaneously with the body, with no splits - then personhood must begin when the human being begins - at fertilization (or cloning) - when the "matter" is already "appropriately organized". This actually matches the correct science: immediately at fertilization or cloning, specifically human enzymes and proteins are produced, and specifically human tissues and organs are continuously developed from fertilization or cloning on. Personhood, then, should be based on what something is, not on how one actually thinks or feels (merely functional definitions of a human person)."

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